Case Study : Htc Corp.

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Case 7- HTC Corp. 1) Evaluate HTC’s performance as described in the case. What are its competitive assets and liabilities? HTC was founded in 1997 by HT Cho and Cher Wang in an office located in Taiwan. 1997-1999: HTC initially started developing Notebooks with a small team led by Peter Chou, a talented engineer from DEC, worked on handheld devices. HTC succeeded in creating world’s first pocket-size PC with Windows CE operating on it after a year. Initially, HTC struggled with high production costs and lack of brand recognition that resulted in losses. 2000-2006: HTC made first time profits when it engineered and developed PDA for Compaq computer. HTC made an alliance with top hardware companies and became best hardware maker which led to release of the XDA, the first Windows based smartphone by collaborating with Microsoft. HTC operated in ODM business and Mobile operator business. HTC designed customized phones for Mobile operators based on their specifications which led them to gain attractive contracts from different Mobile operators. HTC contracts with mobile operators was reason for HTC’s early success. HTC relationship with Handspring to develop Treo smartphone facilitated the opportunity to learn about software and User-Interface design. By 2006, HTC was shipping more than 70% of the world Windows Mobile smartphones. 2007-2012: In 2007, HTC started brand strategy in Europe and Asia by producing innovative products into the market. HTC was successful in developed

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