Case Study: Hubspot: Customer Relationship Management

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Case Summary :
The case deals with the problems faced by the newly formed inbound-marketing authority, Hubspot in customer retention, service offering and ultimately achieve profit and accelerated growth rate for the company.
Products offered by Hubspot:
• Customer Relationship Management
Marketing software
• Sales software
• Content Management Services
Issues faced:
• Inefficiency of the SaaS Pricing model
• Higher churn rate of existing customers
• Decision on which segment to focus to achieve seamless scale-up of business
• To increase profitability by acquiring new customers
• To accelerate growth rate
Key Learnings:

Overview of this case resolution:
• Strategies to curb churn rate-e.g. Lock-in,
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A fundamental solution to attract more customers; Owner Ollies in this case, is by providing Customer Experience management and enhancement solutions.
This can be done by providing advanced CMS services while maintaining ease-of-use. E.g. Implementation of user-friendly c-panel/z-panel services.
Owner Ollies are service-sensitive and seek quick solutions to their ever-growing list of problems. Given opportunities to troubleshoot any glitch that arises when they host content will enhance their experience in-turn increasing retention.
Other offers can include
• Free domains
• Free domain transfer
• Free storage space up to 40 GB (50% more than the competition)
• Bandwidth up to 100

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