Case Study : Human Resource Information Systems

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Stage I: Course Project Name: Duc Minh Nguyen HRM340: Human Resource Information Systems INTRODUCTION Numerous characters of HRIS systems and methods have been abstracted to help Jay Morgan and Family Castle Restaurant run more conveniently as a business. Jay Morgan the Operations Manager, have been using obsolete procedures for recruiting, hiring, scheduling, and answering inquiries from its staff members. Cultivating precise books and keeping continual conversation with the Managers have been a dispute for Jay Morgan. If a precise HRIS system can be enforced, Jay Morgan will be able to accomplish more in business with limited time and travel. BUSINESS ASSESSMENT The Castle Family restaurant is located in Northern California. They currently have 8 restaurants; only 40% of the employees are full time, with approximately 340 employees. Castle Family supplies a smooth, old fashioned and friendly dining sense. “Closeness” is the perception that is benefited and the intention is to imitate the old fashioned restaurant atmosphere where the family can rest, giggle and enjoy refreshments all together. Business establishments contend for purchasers every day, and efficiency is important to supplying excellence customer service. In Rasmussen Reports, National Survey of 1000 Adults, more than 50 percent of Americans stated in 2011 say that they have eaten in a restaurant at a minimum of one or two times a week, with 20 percent stating eating out three or more each week”
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