Case Study : Human Resource Management

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MGT509 Human Resource Management
Module 4
CASE – Total Rewards; Employee & Labor Relations; Global HR
Trident University International
Dr. Paul White
Antoinette Gibson
January 28, 2016

Total Rewards Within every organization there is some kind of pay plan or salary rates and plans for which employees fall within what grades. As well as those salary figures, many of the bigger companies have instituted bonus plans or incentives for their employees after a being with the company for a certain amount of time. These are things that are pretty common to us in society today. With that, today throughout this short paper I would like to take a moment to highlight was broad banding is, share the bonus system within the King Company and highlight FMLA versus the King companies leave policies. Then I will discuss King’s time off policy. Finally I will briefly discuss this issues with one of the employee who was mistakenly terminated for taking leave within the company. An unfortunate, situation that I conclude was possibly an issue of attention to detail.
Broad banding
According to research, broad banding refers to where the numbers of salary grades are consolidated into fewer, but broader, pay ranges (Kovac 2006). In broad banding, the spread of the pay ranges is wider and there is less overlap with the other pay ranges. Broad banding came about because organizations wanted to flatten their hierarchies and move decision-making closer to the point where necessity and…
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