Case Study : Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management

Part A
1.0 Introduction
Many people across the globe prefer to travel with airlines that offer little fare. As a result, a significant number of airlines have adopted a low-cost strategy, and some of them have been very successful. In developed markets such as Europe, low cost airlines have a competitive advantage over premium airlines in that the premium airlines are unable to lower the operating expenses to a point where they can remain profitable at low fares.Ryanair Ltd., an airline company based in Ireland is one of the low-cost airlines operating in Europe. The company was founded in 1985 with a single 15-seater aircraft that ferried passengers on a daily basis from Waterford, Ireland to Gatwick, London
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The human resource manager is considered as a strategic partner in an organization; as a result, the HR manager plays a significant role not only in the growth of the business, but also in ensuring that the goals of the business are achieved. The HR manager also performs an advocacy role, which is central to the organizational success of companies in the airline industry. The advocacy role includes ensuring that the workplace is safe and healthy, and that employees are happy, motivated and contribute effectively toward the achievement of the organization`s goals. Similarly, human resource managers play an important role as agents of change, which is important in improving any company in the service industry. In this regard, the human resource management function is responsible for initiating and implementing change strategies for companies operating in the airline industry (Boyd 2001, pp440). Furthermore, for companies in the airline industry HRM plays a significant role in ensuring job satisfaction, managing employees in their informal groups, motivating employees, conflict management, team development, personality development, change management, human relations, leadership and communication within the organization (Robbins and Tim 2009, pp99). However, there are some differences in terms of the role and purpose of human resource management for the
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