Essay on Case Study-Hurry vs Jones

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Michelle Vandeprool
March 10, 2013
SPD 616
IEP Case Study Review
Hurry v. Jones

Having reviewed the case Hurry V. Jones 734 F.2d 879 (1st Cir. 1984), at first reading of the case and with my novice awareness of the law I am seriously concerned as to why this ever went to court. IDEA and the constitution of the United States guarantee that students will receive a free public education no matter what their handicaps. The District should have provided some method by which this student could be educated. I am aware that people exceeding George’s weight are regularly transported to varying places if not by bus, by ambulance and other vehicles. A student like George needs all of the education
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It seems that in this country people want to rush to the courts to fix things. George could not be fixed by the courts so the time had come to be realistic about meeting George’s needs as no law in the United States gives the state the right to NOT meet his needs. Having looked at the final settlement and the numbers involved it seems clear to me that the family was not out to “milk the school district”. They wanted simply to see their son get the most he could get from the educational system and become as viable of an American citizen as possible. This case cries out for thinking outside the box and putting the child first. Unfortunately, as I have seen from interviewing other teachers many parents simply want a fix for their unfixable child. This case does not fall into this category and the fact that in the end solutions were found demonstrates that point.
Unfortunately, the idea of lawsuits seems to set up a chain of actions within a school district. That chain, once set in motion is very difficult to break. This seems to have been a misbegotten law suit that could have been labeled frivolous and was certainly unnecessary. The outcome of all of this legal activity was some money for George’s parents, which will undoubtedly be spent providing care to George, who will continue to have problems for the remainder of his life. This law suit allowed for delays and a
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