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Case Study Hy Dairies, Ltd. 1. What symptoms exist to suggest that something has gone wrong? The sales volume and market share of Hy Dairies’ gourmet ice cream brand had picked up significantly over the past two quarters compared with the previous year. As the vice president of marketing at Hy Dairies, Syd Gilman credited this achievement to Rochelle Beauport, the assistant brand manager at the time, and decided to reward her with a newly vacated post of marketing research coordinator. Based on his own career experience, Gilman was very much convinced that the marketing research coordinator job would provide Beauport with greater career potential with Hy Dairies. However Rochelle Beauport, being one of the top women and few visible…show more content…
While Beauport, whose previous employer clearly discriminated against women in work and tended to place women in technical support positions after a brief term in lower brand management jobs, misperceived that Hy Dairies or even the whole industry would be just the same. In this case both Gilman and Beauport made similar mistakes by narrowly categorizing, homogenizing, and perceiving others into a certain group which is either similar or opposite to their own social identity. Besides the above mentioned social identity and stereotyping problem, we may also see some other perceptual errors given in the case, such as false-consensus effect. It is the tendency for people to project their way of thinking onto other people, or assume that everyone else thinks the same way they do. Gilman apparently overestimated the extent to which Beauport had beliefs and characteristics similar to his own. 3. What actions should the organization take to correct these problems? Although we can’t bypass the perceptual process, but we should make every attempt and find ways to minimize perceptual biases and distortions. This case suggests that education and awareness about how stereotyping works as well as meaningful interaction can effectively decrease the negative impact of perceptual errors. Actions that

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