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NURS 357
Case Study II Assignment

Name: Susan Larsen
PSU ID: 952479273

Write your answers to the questions directly below EACH question on this document. When you’re finished, save it as CSII_first initial_lastname.doc and upload it to the Case Study II Assignment Drop Box. (For example: CSII_m_jones.doc) This assignment is worth 40 points - each answer is worth 1 point unless specified otherwise.

Case Study II
The administration implemented the recommendations you provided in Case Study I to increase Mary’s and Ann’s satisfaction. They are both comfortable now with the technology and the work setting and are eager to become more involved with implementing technology on the unit. In fact, they have both been recommended to become
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It manages both incoming and outgoing data.

b. Why is it important? (1 point) The processor is important because all other components in the computer serve the processor. As previously stated, it is the brain of the computer.

c. How much speed does this processor have? (1 point) The speed of the processor I selected is 2.5 GHz.

o How much RAM does it have?
a. What is RAM? (1 point) According to our book RAM or random-access memory is a volatile, temporary storage system. It allows the processor to access program codes and data while working on a task. RAM is lost when the computer is shut down, loses power or is rebooted.

b. Why is it important to know this feature and the available options when choosing this device for multimedia purposes? (1 point) It is important to know this feature because this is the most common type of memory on a computer. By knowing the features and available options you can determine the best RAM for your computer needs. There are several different types, sizes and speed.

c. What type of RAM does it have? (1 point) The computer I selected has 16 GB DDR3L of RAM. The DDR3L means that it has a dual voltage memory. It generates a lower voltage then other types, which means less heat, which will lengthen the life of the computer.

o What is the size of the hard drive? (1 point) The hard drive is 512 GB

a. What is a hard drive? (1 point) A hard drive is a permanent storage area. It stores data, information,
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