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CASE STUDY [pic] International Strategic Marketing Management Success Factors of IKEA IKEA is one of the most successful furniture retailer’s worldwide. The factors that contributed to this success and distinguished IKEA from its competitors will be monitored in the following analysis. First, IKEA has found “niche” to serve. The fact that they are producing “Scandinavian style” products makes them unique. Their idea of offering a very broad range of products, with limited style variations, the bold colors and the typical Scandinavian names, has created a very strong brand image and also a high recognition value of its products. Also, their slogan “Design with meaning” distuingishes them from their competitors. IKEA offers…show more content…
Furthermore, a tight price strategy does not leave too much money for trainings and other educational programms for employees to ensure highly profiscient service. Some customers might also complain about the habit of some employees to adress them informally, virtually transferring the internal IKEA culture on external people. Moreover, there have been recent cases of product recalls of IKEA, which shows that focus should not shift too much away from quality. A last negative aspect might be the limited selection of styles which is caused by the matrix used in IKEA’s product strategy. Product range In general, it can be said that IKEA’s product range is quite broad and versatile in many different ways. Shopping at IKEA, you may find anything you need for your home under one roof, be it furniture or cutlery, lamps or curtains, pans or toys or even entire rooms, in short anything that helps you to functionally make your home a better place for living. In fact, the range of different styles is probably not too wide, missing over-decorated and premium styles, however the “broad mass”‘s tastes might be satisfied by IKEA’s choice. Another big plus is the typical “IKEA-style”. The products offered there are different and often you are able to distinguish between IKEA-products and other products only by looking at them, which is certainly not a bad thing. What makes IKEA products so special is that even though they are relatively cheap, they do not have this “cheap”

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