Case Study: Impact of Reading Remediation Instruction to Non-Readers

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A CASE STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF READING REMEDIATION INSTRUCTION TO THE NON-READER PUPILS OF SUN VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: AN ASSESSMENT A Research Paper submitted to the College of Education, De La Salle University Dasmarinas, Cavite In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Issues and Trends in Education To Dr. Ayuk A. Ayuk ARLITA P. VELOYA December 2012 Background of the Study "Any kind of education is a matter of training the brain. When poor readers are learning to read, remedial instruction helps to shape that area up." Heineman (2009) stated that it’s not enough to say, “These kids can’t read.” Not being able to read can mean a variety of things and we need to be more specific in order to help each…show more content…
It is, however, all too often observed in the classrooms of well-meaning teachers. Remedial Instruction. Slow Readers. Non-Reader pupils. Review of Related Literature The goal of remedial instruction is to provide low-achieving students with more chances to reinforce the basic knowledge in common subjects so that they can meet minimum academic standards. Thus, some of the students are unable to comprehend the materials in class and even end up giving up the learning opportunities. To ensure these students were not left behind, additional support such as remedial instruction is necessary and effective (Sheu, Hsu, & Wang, 2007; Yu, 2008). Remedial programs are provided to help these students compensate for the insufficient learning in previous academic settings so that they can “gain the skills necessary to complete college-level courses and academic programs successfully” (Weissman, Silk, & Bulakowski, 1997, cited in Zhai & Skerl, 2001, p.1). Remedial instruction just means you get extra help to catch up to where others in your grade are in a certain subject. The means are usually a class ( not necessarily spec ed) that does easier work than the regular English, math, or

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