Case Study : Imt Custom Machine Company Inc.

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Case Study: IMT Custom Machine Company Inc. Belonging to the information era, it has become almost inevitable to strive without a proper information system. Additionally, advances in computing have allowed small-scale to large-scale organizations to provide high quality, diversified, and personalized services, more easily and affordable than ever before. Furthermore, the right information system can also improve an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, it is very important to strategically plan and evaluate before implementing an information technology platform. Similarly, Information Machine and Tool (IMT) Company at USA faced a major challenge as they lacked a strategic direction for their current IS (CSU-Global, 2015). As a result, it faced a major dilemma to choose a viable solution for its problem. Background to the Organization and it’s Problems Over the past several years, IMT, Custom Machine Company Incorporation, had “built multimillion-dollar, large customer made production machines” (CSU-Global, 2015, p.116). The organization was mainly lead by two main factories in USA: Fort Wayne and Chicago (CSU-Global, 2015). IMT being an international organization worked on a “matrix-style”. According to this style it focused both on its national needs and goals as well technological on a global scale (CSU-Global, 2015). IMT being one of the well-known and successful organizations in 1970s gradually started to fall apart in terms of having a defined

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