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Introduction about INFOSYS:
Infosys Technology Limited is a multinational company. It is a informayion technology services company. Its headquarter exist in Bengaluru (INDIA). Infosys company was established on July 2nd, 1981 in Pune. This company was found by N.R Narayana Murthy along with six other persons, whose name are: Nandan Nilekani, N.S.Raghavan, Kris Gopalakrishna, S.D. Shibulal, K.Dinesh and Ashok Arora. The company was started by borrowing INR 10,000 by N.R.Murthy. he borrows this money from his wife Sudha Murthy.
The Infosys company was first started as Infosys consultant Private Limited and its registered office was in north-centeral Mumbai.
Infosys is largest IT company of India, now a days. Infosys
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An American employee of Infosys has filed a case as on august 2011, against the company accusing it of visa and tax fraud.
That employee claimed that Infosys was paying for full-time work in the United States without withholding federal or state income taxes, and the company overbilled customers for the labor costs of these employees and also for other costs.
In his complaint which he was filed before an Alabama Court, one employee named Jack Palmer said that he was worked in Infosys "as a Principal - Enterprise Solutions" from the August 2008.
Jack Palmer, who has been working in the Infosys company from the year 2008, further said that the manager of Infosys in the US were intentionally making fraud for the purpose to avoid the payment of taxes locally and that the company was mistreated him at the time when he filed a complaint as part of the whistleblower policy.
The H-1B visa progamme, the claim was that the company provide skilled work-based visas to the employees for US, it provides more than 10,000 Indians temporary employment rights and a shot at permanent residence in the
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companies. But it did not said to be a systematic fraud, and the agreement includes a point-by-point rebuttal of prosecutors' accusations that it was trying to increase profits by using illegal short-term business visas to bring workers from India instead of using the legal, more expensive and less accessible temporary employment visa, which are known as H-1B visas.
It is said by Stephen A that, "This is not a settlement about systemic visa fraud.” The lead lawyer representing Infosys, Jonas of Wilmer Hale said after when the settlement was made public by prosecutors in Plano, Texas, where Infosys has its offices that, "The company adamantly denies the visa abuse allegations. They are not true”.
But federal prosecutors and investigators explained that they had uncovered amount of misuse of visas at Infosys. But they also said that they are agree with the settlement given by Infosys, because Infosys cooperates with the investigation and its record-keeping and also improve its visa

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