Case Study : Integrated Business Operations Essay

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Question 1.1 Integrated business operations; This is the business in which a franchisee can sell his/her business to franchise according to his/her wish.It is a master franshise. or A term used to define a company that combines two or more operations or divisions and operates as a single business unit. This collaborative method of conducting business offers cost savings and increases efficiency. Example ; Revlon is an American brand but they have there many franchise in new Zealand also. Read more: Single product or service operations; In this franchiser can establish his/her business at new place. At that place where they don’t have much experience. Example; To Establish the Revlon in New Zealand • Manufacturing and wholesale; Where the franchisee under license manufactures and distributes the franchisor 's product (eg. Soft drink bottling arrangements). • Manufacturing and retail; Where the retailer as franchisee sells the franchisor 's product directly to the public. (eg. New motor vehicle dealerships). • Wholesale and retail; Where the retailer as franchisee purchases products for retail sale from a franchisor wholesaler (frequently a cooperative of the franchisee retailers who have formed a wholesaling company through which they are contractually obliged to purchase. eg. Hardware and automotive product stores). • Retail product; Retail product is that which is supplied by the
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