Case Study : Integrated Devices For Plant Number 3

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This case involves the company, Integrated Devices, which operates several plants in its business. The focus of this case is the problems that have evolved at Plant Number 3. This plant has a number of suppliers who supply material. It has been reported that a customer for Plant Number 3 is experiencing quality issues with a key plastic injected molding component. This problematic component is being supplied by Trexler Plastics. The molding component has to be assembled with other components in order to arrive at the final product. However, the problem is that sometimes the molding component supplied by Trexler Plastics, is shorter in length and sometimes longer in length. Calculations Used: Data Upper Limit Lower Limit Average…show more content…
Importance of Quality Supplier Quality is imperative to any business. Preventing, rather than merely detecting problems is the key focus. The most important thing is to prevent defects during the early stages of the materials sourcing process. More and more organizations are working directly with suppliers to develop suitable quality control processes and procedures. Reactive or Proactive Solutions GOOD After investigating the problem, Bill Edwards did decide to visit the supplier directly. His plan was to work with Trexler’s process engineers to address the problems with the non-conforming component. He also went back to Integrated Devices and reviewed his team’s actions in selecting Trexler to provide the components. After reviewing, he found that Trexler had quoted the lowest price and had provided samples that passed Integrated Device’s engineering tests. Bill requested to see Trexler’s quality control procedures and thought his first step would be to understand the process responsible for producing the defective component. He requested output data from Trexler’s process and also asked them to collect data from the process that produced the bracket component. Risk of Using Product Samples Only GOOD Although the sample provided by Trexler passed Integrated Devices engineering tests, samples and price should not have been the deciding factor. Using product samples are not representative of all products. For example, let’s
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