Case Study : Integrative Learning Assignment Essay

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Case Study: Integrative Learning Assignment Human Resource Management (HRM) has evolved from many terms and functions in the last century such as finance, accounting, marketing; the personnel were responsible for hiring and firing, compensation, payroll, and benefits. HRM was known to handle routine employment obligations. Previously, the administrative human resource focused primary on clerical administration aspect of a business such as processing information, recordkeeping which included essential legal paperwork and policy implementation. (Mathis, Jackson, and Valentine, 2014, p. 15). Human resource administered performance appraisal of employees’ past performance to determine pay and promotion. Other functions of human resource were to persuade employees of the organization’s interest as well as to persuade management of employees’ interest and obligations. The administrative role for human resource has provided the personnel in some businesses the status of enforcing work policies such as telling the management and the employees what cannot be done usually because of some policy or issues from the past. Human resource was also known as the lower-level administrative assistant to an organization. They assist the business to maintain in compliance with employment laws and practices. The administrative role could include assistants to file employee-related documents, answer department telephones, relay messages, and distribute information to employees. They provide

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