Case Study : Interactions Of Hazardous Materials

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Brittni Curry Case Study Interactions of Hazardous Materials In the incident that occurred at SJV Refinery which processes crude oil daily by utilizing the Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation process. Improper release of command during construction plans led to the uncontrolled release of acid gas into atmosphere. A welder was in close proximity of the gas, causing the gas to ignite. The area was evacuated and the emergency response team began to take command, following set emergency plans that had been set into place. Appropriate fire services were notified along with the plant manager. The Emergency response team was unable to isolate the pipeline. The refinery houses many different hazardous materials that have the potential to harm life and property. There is a plastic recycling center that is on the south fence line of the plant, a residential area 1000 feet from the perimeter and a major highway is a quarter(1/4) of a mile away. The following information discusses several things. First we will look at the interactions of the acid gas itself and some of its properties. In order to determine what steps will be taken to isolate the acid gas and to potentially combat the fire, the research of interactions between the hazardous materials that are located on site and near the fire along with adjoining facilities must be examined. In this study we will go over processes of the Unified incident commander, and will discuss what corrective actions should be
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