Case Study : Introducing New Coke Essay

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Case study analysis 1 Introducing New Coke Yue Yang (Rose) Introduction Coca-Cola, as the leading brand in the world, has the highest position in soft drink industry. Its outstanding product “Coke” has been won the heart of everyone. However, in this case, we realize that they had a failed attempt at introducing the new product called New Coke in 1985. Firstly, the author introduces the history of the Coca-Cola; and how the brand is successfully developing into the most popular brand and ruling the soft drink world by outstanding products, good leadership, correct strategic decisions, completely distribution system, significant culture accomplishment, impressive marketing campaigns and publicities. But, they also had several problems in the 70s, which result in losing the market position at retail. At the same time, Pepsi, as the main competitor of Coca-Cola, started to make inroads by successfully launching the “Pepsi Generation” and “Pepsi Challenge”. Those kinds of efforts led to a rapid increase in Pepsi market share and strongly hit the brand image of Coca-Cola. Because of the severe situation, the leaders of Coca-Cola decided to change the formula of old Coke with marketing research supporting. So, the New Coke with a smoother and sweeter taste had been launched in April 1985. But out of expected, after launching the new taste soon, many customers boycotted the New Coke, and the market share of the company still decline. The company had to re-launch classic
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