Case Study: Introduction To Pepsico

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1.0 Introduction of PepsiCo
In year 1965, PepsiCo Inc. is founded by Donald M. Kendall and Herman Lay. PepsiCo Inc. was merged by Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay in 1965. PepsiCo is an American multination industry that selling food and beverage. PepsiCo Inc. is the second-largest organisation that produces food and beverage in the world.
1.1 Purpose
The purposes of PepsiCo are providing many types of healthy foods and beverages. PepsiCo also tries to find an innovative method to reduce the impact that PepsiCo brought on the environment and decrease the operating cost. PepsiCo will give a safe and inclusive working environment for their employees globally. PepsiCo also will respect the local employees where they operate. PepsiCo also will invest to support the local communities. The Performance with Purpose is PepsiCo’s guide for all the employees. PepsiCo believe that delivering for the their purchasers and customers, protecting the environment, sourcing with honesty and
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Pricing strategy of PepsiCo is depending on consumer’s perception of value. PepsiCo also change to a new “hybrid everyday value” plan for reduce the prices for different in between holiday and regular day. The purpose of the new pricing strategy is to discount on holiday with value package. The new pricing strategy is designed to boost up the sales and profit. PepsiCo use that strategy because they want to attract more daily customer. Prices of the products also have to bring the maximum benefits and profile for PepsiCo. Following factors PepsiCo kept in mind while determining the pricing strategy. PepsiCo should not set their products’ price too high or too low compared to the competitor company. Moreover, PepsiCo’s products pricing strategy might influence the relationship between PepsiCo and Walmart because Walmart is focusing on selling low price for the product. So that, it may put some pressure on PepsiCo because it low down the

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