Case Study : Investing Of Responsible Growth

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7.4.6. Hindalco: Investing in Responsible Growth
Hindalco puts a lot of efforts in saving the environment by following all the rules and regulations set on the land on which the company is set up, but also exceed in expectations the development of energy efficient activities. Greenfield and Brownfield expansions are the planned systems to guarantee growth.
• Enhancing material efficiency and process/equipment productivity, backed by pollution prevention practices, as well as adoption of cleaner technologies for Brownfield projects
• Conserving resources, minimizing and recycling wastes, with systematic collection of scrap, which is then subjected to safe storage/disposal and re-use
• Implementing the ‘zero-discharge’ concept, putting up state-of-the-art facilities to increase processing, reuse and recycling of waste water
• Reclaiming mined-out land systematically by laying topsoil and using this land for a forestation or agriculture
• Controlling emissions through dry scrubbing and electrostatic precipitators, and discharges through effluent treatment plants
• Greening of red mud waste ponds using a unique bio-treatment process, converting wastelands to green zones
• Promoting industrial reuse of wastes like spent pot lining, fly ash, spent caustic, waste phosphor-gypsum, slag etc
• Adopting environment-friendly fuels such as natural gas
• Completion of mapping of its carbon footprint across all locations, as well as reports of greenhouse gas emissions
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