Case Study : Investment Advisors As A Result Of The Global Financial Crisis

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The case study emphasizes the difficulties placed on investment advisors as a result of the global financial crisis that occurred in 2008. The crisis was as a result of the crumbling mortgage market and the impact of collateralized debt obligations associated with the industry. Rudy Wong, a prominent and respected investment advisor, is concerned with advising his clients who are worried about losing their investments and savings due to the crisis. The Dow Jones industrial average was on a downward trend and together with the Toronto Exchange rate at the lowest level since 2003. Wong must be considerate of his obligations to the client, his professional liabilities (legal), and ensure the best protectionism possible for securing his clients’ portfolios efficiently in the face of a very challenging economic environment (Rogers & Foerster, 2010).
Wong’s clients were of different age, gender, and specific needs, which gave Wong a difficult task of saving them from the risk of losing their investments. The daunting task for Wong was to ensure that he communicates logical arguments to the clients based on the portfolio of their investments while keeping in mind the emotions of the clients and the market situation. Wong was aware that his decisions would have a significant effect on the interests of the customers and influence his professional credibility (Rogers & Foerster, 2010).
As an investment advisor, his responsibility is to ensure that his clients make optimal decisions…
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