Case Study : Isavia Builds A Stronger Cyber Fence Around Iceland 's Airports

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Case Study – Isavia Isavia Builds a Stronger Cyber Fence around Iceland’s Airports with Help from Network Sentry Iceland’s aviation authority identifies devices and controls network access with NAC solution from Bradford Networks’ Security Automation and Orchestration solution. Headquartered at Reykjavík Airport, Isavia is the national aviation authority for Iceland, dedicated to ensuring that flight operations are safe, secure and in accordance with international standards. Isavia’s nationwide network is critical to operations at Iceland’s airports and air traffic control facilities serving vast areas of the northeastern Atlantic. Many different devices depend on access to its network including laptop and desktop PCs and a wide range of…show more content…
Network Sentry also simplifies the day-to-day logistics of configuring network devices. It, automatically identifying devices and assigning access based on easy-to-manage profiles, to enable providing plug- and- play provisioning in a fraction of the previous time. Network Sentry is now an integral part of Isavia’s security perimeter used to protect Iceland’s aviation infrastructure and the flying public who depend on it. Isavia plans to extend Network Sentry in a number of new directions, including its wireless network to enable secure BYOD for employees and guests, taking advantage of real-time visibility and policy-based access control. What’s the most efficient way to provide oversight and access control on a nationwide network? This was the challenge facing Axel Einarsson, IT Manager at Isavia. “Isavia has locations all around Iceland, and we need to protect the ports in those remote locations. We wanted a solution that would enable us to know what was connecting to our networks and shut down unauthorized access.” Axel and his colleagues explored the market for a NAC solution, looking for a combination of functionality, ease of use and price. “Network Sentry was a better fit than the competition and integrated smoothly into our network environment,” Axel says. Isavia went live with Network Sentry in 2012, with Khipu Networks providing on-site assistance. Automatically Enforces Access Policies “Network Sentry is part of the
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