Case Study - JKL International plc. International Human Resource Management

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Case Study - JKL International plc.

International Human Resource Management


4Case Study- JKL International plc. International Human Resource Management �

4Introduction �

4Organisational Context (Case Study) �

5Part One: Expatriates Management and Cross culture management in Multinational Corporations �

5Introduction �

5Expatriates and Organisation Problems and Proposals for Changes �

5Expatriates �

Organisation 7

Conclusion 8

Part Two: 9Appraise The Decentralised Managerial Systems of JKL applied in Russian Affiliate �

9Introduction �

9Strengths and Weakness of JKL's and Zagorski's Managerial Structure �

10National Culture Differences �

10Relevant Cases �

11Forecast �

11Conclusion �

11Conclusion and
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Misunderstanding may be occurred if culture differences are not well-managed even these colleagues are working in the same organisation (Hall, 1995, p.6). In the case study, seven expatriates of JKL have their own problems and for JKL, there is a high expatriate leaving rate after repatriation (Appendix F).

This essay will identify the problem of seven expatriates working in JKL and its subsidiaries and after that, rational proposals of changes will be given to them on the basis of improvements of JKL's human resource department.



In the case study it lists seven expatriates with their problems and in the following essay they will be numbered from A to G.


According to the case study, expatriate A was the first expatriate to Pennsylvania because of an attractive salary. The reason of returning is that expatiate A was annoyed about following managers received better compensation packages than him although they were almost doing the same works.

The main problems of the human resource department of JKL are rewarding system and lack of correct performance appraisal system. ''Every employee believes, and most experts believe, that pay and rewards are an important part of an organisation's human resource management'' (Harris, Brewster and Sparrow, 2003,
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