Case Study: Jack Carlisle, Cio

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CASE STUDY: Jack Carlisle, CIO
Deb S.
Florida Institute of Technology
MGT 5154 - Advanced Management of Information Systems
September 11, 2010
Executive Summary
IZL hired Jack Carlisle to restructure and reorganize its Information Technology (IT) department for its growing financial services organization. Our company is overwhelmed with internal turmoil which has seen the abrupt resignation of the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chuck Hansen. The newly appointed CEO, Jim Giles, the former newly hired Chief Operating Officer (COO), seems to playing office politics and is trying to develop his own inner circle. Jack Carlisle, who is a straight shooter must assess the changes needed, both strategic and tactical, in an environment
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Executive managers trying to save face and neglect their accountabilities and responsibilities for their own failures are laying blame on my IT staff.
It is obvious that all the employees have lost any direction they might have had in the past. No clear roles and responsibilities have been identified for personnel other than my IT staff, and that is being met with less than enthusiastic measures. All this deterioration is obvious to those of us that have a stake in moving this company forward, including OUR customers.
Alternative Strategies The original business strategy, which is still not fully implemented or thought out, is still intact and being somewhat utilized. Part of getting from where we are now to where we want to go, is to put together a comprehensive business and growth strategy plan that, brings about the most results. The original business strategy resembled that of a small business that had the most growth with the least risk. With little risk also means little or no technology. The company has changed, the competition is more intense and the economy is weakened. A new strategy that aligns with technology is essential in order to be successful. As business and technology have become increasingly intertwined, the strategic alignment of the two has emerged as a major corporate issue. With the emergence of IT from the back room to the forefront of business brings the alignment issue under the spotlight like never before. And as
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