Case Study : Jack Conway's Current State

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CLIENT DETAILS This client evaluation gives a brief overview of Jack Conway’s current state and its relevant market in which it performs. Afterwards, an analysis will have a SWOT analysis. This analysis with take into consideration company’s current state in relation to the real estate industry, and other relevant notes. All relevant research and analysis will be framed with future growth and acquisition in mind. Information available for this client is very limited due to its standing as a privately own company. This will affect the clients overview; consequently, our understanding of the client will be focus on its industry. CLIENT’S OVERVIEW Name: Jack Conway & Company, Inc. Founded: 1956 Chief Executive Officer: Carol Conway Bulman (2009 to current) Market: Real Estate Industry Location: Massachusetts Services: Sales and leases, mortgage financing, relocation services, appraisal services, and property management. Jack Conway is privately own family business that offer a wide variety of services relating to the real estate industry that makes it a one-stop solution for all their customer housing needs. Since its foundation, 60 years ago, Jack Conway has grown from a small operation with its first office in Hingham MA to having 32 offices and more than 600 real estate agents1. These 32 offices distributed in Massachusetts the following matter: COMPETITION There are about 27 major realtors in the state of Massachusetts area2. However, there are over 5069 companies

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