Case Study : Jasper, Summer And Dak

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Jasper, Summer and Dak are a group of three young and highly talented creatives who make up all three members of The Trio. By putting their innovative minds together, the group managed to create a unique and intricately designed dress made from vinyl that has succeeded to be the next big thing in the highly lucrative market of adolescent and young adult consumers. As the manager of The Trio, it is my duty to protect the intellectual property of the group. Such a responsibility will involve researching into the potential solutions of copyright laws and creative common licences, within the field of fashion. My research will not only be focused in relevance to New Zealand but will also extend to overseas markets as The Trios creative product is set to be released worldwide. With my collected information, I will then recommend a justified course of action that I believe would be best for the group to take in regards to their intellectual property.

Copyright is a property right that covers various works such as films, broadcasts, literary works, artistic works, sound recordings and more. Fashion comes under the category of artistic works. However, copyright within this field is very limited. Blakley (2010) explains that this is because apparel is said to be too utilitarian to qualify for copyright protection. The fashion industry itself also poses difficulties for copyright protection, which Batty (2009) explains through three main points. Firstly, there are certain fundamentals

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