Case Study : Jetblue, Jetblue Essay

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Project 2: JetBlue JetBlue; a company that gets people from place to place, and once used to be the most innovative and most ahead of the game airline company, now lies at the back of the pack. They now rely on a small portion of the U.S’s flight customers for business. Recently JetBlue has been falling off the grid of flight companies. This would explain how I had personally never heard of them until now. In April of 2012, JetBlue had a captain who was acting erratically, screaming about religion and terrorists. He was fortunately subdued by a passenger and a co-pilot guided the plane to safe landing. Luckily, this is an uncommon occurrence and this incident didn’t affect them too harshly. Some things leading up to now have been taking this company down a notch, and others keeping it afloat, one taking it down was that incident, and more recently JetBlue’s shares went from $25.58 to $1.28 in the matter of minutes. When the start of this industry started to really boom, JetBlue was one of the top companies. They were the first airline to equip their entire fleet with seatback TV screens and to have flight attendants pass out food during a delay, and offer massages. They kept their customer’s loyalty by keeping up with the outstanding service, but didn’t necessarily keep their equipment and planes up to date. The competitors have shaped up while JetBlue has just maintained a level of mediocre functioning. This aspect of the company’s recent downfall is due to its

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