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Unit Two Case Study ? Nice Manager
Michelle Kinyungu
Kaplan University
GM501-01: Management Theories and Practices II
Dr. Carrie A. O?Hare
January 19, 2016

Unit Two Case Study ? Nice Manager
?A Nice Manager? case study is about the Chisum Industries? ready to promote within the company. The middle-level management can be promoted to top management. The top management team consist of six members Chisum, Jacobson,. Ivey, Hughes and Kennedy (Daft, 2014, p.487). The top management team is having an open discussion about potential candidates to run the San Antonio office. Harry is a middle level manager (Daft, 2014, p.487) who is being considered for Dallas interviews. In the discussion, Harry?s management skills are being discussed within the top management meeting.
The pending decision is Harry ready to be promoted from middle-level management top management level? The top management team is analyzing Harry?s conceptual skill versus human skill. According to Daft, a top manager must have the ability to have conceptual skills to have a decision making strategies and a wide view of the organization (Daft, 2014, pp.12). A manager must the ability to have human skills which has the ability to have interpersonal
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