Case Study : Job Redesign For Expanded Him Functions

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Analysis Of Case Study By Elizabeth Layman (2011), "Job Redesign For Expanded HIM Functions. The principal of the goal setting applied in this case is implicated new changes to employees by working smarter and reducing the stress overload on a daily basis. Changing the nature of it employee work environment. Introducing culture, policies, procedures, technology and the volume of task and the type of task an employee preforms. Another goal setting is for managers and directors may use indicators as change in work to determine whether a rearrangement is warranted. These indicators fall into three types: sector changes, organizational changes, and employees ' perceptions. These indicators are accessed by managers and directors on a daily…show more content…
The principal of job enrichment applied in this case. Job enrichment is a management concept that involves redesigning jobs so that they are more challenging to the employee and have less repetitive work. Job enlargement and enrichment both add tasks. Employees may view these actions as adding to their stress rather than reducing it. Managers and directors of HIS Departments can use concepts from the hard factors of organizational structure and features of bureaucracies, the soft human factors of organizational behavior and motivation, and organizational context as they re-engineer, restructure, and redesign work and jobs in their departments. Dependent upon the perceived problem, managers and directors may take actions that strike a balance among the concepts. They used the following tools to detect, identify and analyze the problems and generate solutions. It was data collected by employees, supervisors, managers and directors, and external consultants. These tools showed the frequency, timing and flow of tasks in the context of applicable performance standards. They had periodic review of work process and products, satisfaction survey, Job Diagnostic Survey, performance reports, personnel reports, job description review, job procedure review, supervisor and employee review, work distribution chart, Flow charts, Time and motion study, Work sampling, Log. The period may be day, week, or month and time increments may be 15, 30, or 60 minutes depending upon the job 's
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