Case Study : Johnson Controls, Inc. Essay

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Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global company that offers services and products aimed at optimizing operational efficiencies and energy of buildings, electronics, automotive batteries and interior systems for automobiles. The company’s headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a fortune 500 company. Johnson Controls predicts that it will be able to increase its capital expenditures investments by $1.7 billion approximately. Most of the planned capital spending by the company will go to financing margin expansion and growth opportunities. This essay highlights the importance of companies to be able to evaluate investment decisions so that current and capital expenditure on proposed projects and schemes can be done prudently to ensure the company’s success (Johnson Controls (2015).
There are several traditional methods that can be used in appraising investment decisions. For instance, the net present value method (NPV) which entails estimating the costs and revenues of a project and discounting these figures to get their present values. Projects with the biggest positive net present value are the ones chosen as they represent the best stream of benefits of investing in the project over and above recovering the cost of initiating the projects. The discount rate is another method which is similar to the net present value method but reflects more on the time preference. This approach may focus on the opportunity cost of
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