Case Study : Johnson Jiffy Taxi

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Johnson Jiffy Taxi Melaneece Johnson MKT 321 December 3, 2015 James Logan Johnson Jiffy Taxi Mission Statement Johnson Jiffy Taxi wants to provide our customers the finest and swiftest transportation service available at a reasonable price, while delivered with a smile. We want to attract and maintain loyal customers. When we fulfill this desire, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers and do away with competition. TARGET MARKET Johnson Jiffy Taxi has two primary markets they appeal to: Individuals: Johnson Jiffy Taxi will be using advertisements as a way to increase attraction for the company. The ads will be placed at the St. Louis Lambert Airport, the local newspaper,…show more content…
Business Travelers: JJT will be contacting liaisons of many of the different local companies and hotels in St. Louis that have employees, or guests with traveling needs and tell them about JJTS’ service and offer them an exclusive discount. This will be an important segment to win over, as companies routinely have employees traveling throughout the year. Businesses are valuable because once the first contact is made, the relationship can be turned into a steady flow of business, creating a relationship between JJT and businesses. Overall, it will create loyal and lifelong customers. Last, but definitely not least, there will be advertisements targeted for this area of the market. JJT ads will appear in the Business portion of the St. Louis Post Dispatch as well as the business section of other local St. Louis news papers. In St. Louis, the taxi segment of the market is fairly moderate. There are about 1,400 taxis in service. In a recent article in the, STL Today, it stated “While users would like to see more peak time service, better vehicles, and improved handling of complaints, there was the general feeling that the services looked better, accepted credit cards without hassle, and, for the most part were improving,” the report said. (Thorsen, 2015) JJT will do away with competition by providing “jiffy” service, upscale vehicles, and great customer service. This will set us apart from the competition. Customers will see
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