Case Study Karen Simpson

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Respondent denies that its employee, Karen Simpson, subjected Complainant to differential terms and conditions based on his race. Respondent asserts that Complainant received the services, in-person hearing regarding his parking tickets, that he requested. Respondent states that on or about September 16, 2016, Simpson, (African-American) who is an Administrative Assistant II (AAII) and a designated floater, who fills in for other AAII’s when they are out of the office, worked at the Vehicle Division Kiosk. At some point during the day, Complainant approached Simpson’s kiosk. Simpson asked how she can help him and he began to explain his violations. Simpson stopped Complainant and asked if he had copies of any of the ticket which he did not.…show more content…
Complainant told Hennigan that he was there to complain about Simspon and accused her of being racist by treating Caucasians differently than African Americans. Complainant claims that Simpson was “rude” to him and used “her power” to talk down to him. Hennigan offered to review Complainant’s parking tickets for him. Hennigan went back to his office and reviewed Complainant’s ticket information. Hennigan scheduled Complainant’s tickets for a hearing to contest them. When Hennigan returned to the lobby, Complainant had left. The receptionist informed Hennigan that Complainant left to “feed the meter.” When Complainant returned, he told Hennigan he accidentally got off the elevator on the 4th floor, where the Chicago Commission on Human Relations is located. While there, he filed a complaint. Hennigan told Complainant that he should do whatever he felt he had to. Respondent states that Hennigan provided Complainant with a copy of a printout showing his outstanding tickets had been scheduled for a hearing. Hennigan was later given a receipt left behind by Complainant that also indicated Karen Simpson had scheduled Complainant’s outstanding tickets for
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