Case Study Kelly's Assignment in Japan

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Intercultural Management

Case study: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan

Read the case: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan (Chapter 9 pages: 363-365) posted on Connect learning platform –study reflectively and identify the characters and the principal issues in this case.

Answer the following questions:

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Drawing from you understanding on the assigned readings (Deresky), explain the clashes in cultural, customs, and experiences that occurred in this situation.

In this case “Kelly’s Assignment in Japan”, we have an example of expatriation poorly managed and unprepared. Different cultures, customs seem very important between Japanese and Westerners. Added to this barrier, we also not that there
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Firstly, the whole family did not expect to have as small spaces to live.

Kelly’s husband, himself has struggled to find a job, with no contact, and having gaps in understand and functioning of this new culture. Despite all his efforts, he has not successfully attempted to find a job when he was previously a good position.

The children also had difficulties adapting to this new country and a new culture. The language barrier was for them a very big problem, in fact, in their new school the greater part of the children did not speak their language. Children themselves could not speak Japanese, and it was difficult for them to adapt.

Added to this, the difficulties met with Kelly to lead his communicate with customers; have discouraged the family, who has become aware regret. Finally, the family even wanted to return to their front, with its culture and customs.

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Turn back the clock to when Kelly was offered the position in Tokyo. What, if anything, should have been done differently, and by whom?

Kelly’s boss offered her a new position abroad, in Japan, even though she had no knowledge of custom and Japanese culture. Confident she could do a good job in a very short time, as in last issue missions.

However, his boss did take into account the fact that the countries in which it had already been proven a culture similar to theirs.

He thought it was enough to offer him

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