Case Study: Kempsville Acute

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Presenting Problem: He has 2 Kempsville Acute visits, endorses anger and thoughts of suicides. Reported hx of Neurodevelopmental problems most recently as consistent with Autistic Spectrum Symptoms. He reported having intense anger toeards his parents but denies homicidal thoughts, acknowledges suicidal thinking. On May 27, 215 he pulled a knife on his mother, no injury occurred. Mother states he has been increasingly agitated. He has been posturing at his mother yeling clinching his fist at her as well as sneaking out and lying. Mother states he obtained the knife from his room and threatene her life. He states his mother swas chasing him around with a broom which is why he grabbed the kife. He states he is depressed all the time. He a Hx of suspensions for fighting while in school and he was the aggressor.…show more content…
His father died in 2009 from a heart condition and his mother isn’t allowed to have contact with him.
He was removed from biological mothers care due to her mental illness and substance abuse . Family Hx of Bipolar, ADHD and biological Hx of substance abuse.

Psychiatric Treatment HX: Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health, May 27, 2016. He has a hx of IP at KCHB in January as well as OP Psychiatrist and therapist but is non compliant with medication.

Medications: Prozac 20mg , Vyvanse 50mg, Lamictal,
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