Case Study : Kim Burg 's Life

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Insoo Kim Burg was born July 25, 1934 and passed away January 10, 2007 at 72 years old. Burg was raised in Korea and moved to the United States in 1957 for a better education (“Insoo Kim Burg-Tribute”). In Korea it is custom for the parents to decide their child’s major, which is why Insoo was originally a Pharmacy major. Burg’s family was in medicine, so they wanted Insoo to follow in the field of pharmaceuticals as well. Eventually, Insoo Kim Burg switched to social work major and finished with a B.S and MSSW degree, where she went into family therapy. Instead of long-term therapy, Burg wanted to find solutions as soon as possible (“Approach”).
Burg was the founder of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association, co-founder of the Brief Family Therapy Center, as well as the Executive Director. Burg and her husband, Steve de Shazer, were the primary developers of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) approach in the 1970’s, which was influenced by Jay Haley’s MRI approach (“Insoo Kim Burg-Tribute”).
Solution focused brief therapy is an evidence based therapy that focuses on solution building, rather than problem solving, which means that it does not look at the problems, but rather the solutions. It is goal-directed and future-focused and it believes that there is not a link between a problem and its solutions. People want similar solutions to the problem, what varies is how they get there. Like the title says, the therapy is brief, Burg wanted to find the simplest,
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