Case Study King's Cross Development

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Name: Insyirah Bte Imran, A0127187Y Tutorial Group: Cho Im Sik, A1

Case Study Response: King’s Cross Development

The redevelopment of railway stations has always been an important aspect of the urban regeneration in Europe. The capital flow within that region often migrates from one metropolitan area to another where the most competitive city will yield the greatest advantage. To evaluate the competitiveness of metropolitan areas in Europe, it is necessary to consider that one of the major factors that determines their success is railway stations. With the ability to mobilise economic activities, the redevelopment of railway stations such as King’s Cross has often undergone constant renewal programmes even back in the 1900s. Nonetheless, it is crucial that this redevelopment is approached holistically because not only is it a large scale project in terms of its capital investment but it is also complex involving many actors such as real estate owners as well as railway companies. With reference to King’s Cross as an example, this paper seeks to evaluate how this development is not as holistic as it appears to be as it does not cater to the interests of the social class groups which were neglected and unaccounted for. Apart from that, it also
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Some of the permanent aspects that are defined by default are key circulation and public spaces, height limitations of buildings as well as the site’s density and scale. Materials of the buildings were also accounted for too. However, important elements such as the programmatic function of the place is still loosely defined. The principles of a human city such as “Creating a lasting new place” as shown in Figure 1 only supports the changing economic patterns of King’s Cross and does not address the social behaviour of the local residents living
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