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L-D Tool & Die (LDTD) is a small manufacturer in Ontario who specializes in designing andmaking customized moulds as per customer’s requirements. LDTD was found by LaurieDickson in late 1980s. Since its inception, the company has continuously serving itscustomers by providing quality products and services. LDTD has developed a loyal customers throughout the years in business. The main services of LDTD are transforming synthetic resins and plastic material into a wide range of finished products, parts for other manufactured goods, and intermediate products consisting of shapes and forms made bya variety of fabricating methods. LDTD’s customers are mainly found in packaging construction, automotive industry, and plastic
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Without skilledworkers who initially had experience with this new technology, it becomes moreproblematic for smaller corporations like LDTD.
Recruitment and Selection Processes
Recruitment and selection processes are also part of LDTD’s problems. With no solid plan,process, and responsible personnel, LDTD is unable to meet their demand for skilledworkers. Dickson is currently responsible for recruiting new employees but withoutsufficient devotion of, both, time and money, Dickson is unable to successfully recruitnecessary skilled workers, as they want. As a small company, Dickson is involves in manyaspects of the company and rarely has time to spare on human resource issues. It iscommon for small company such LDTD to have a few management staffs and each staffsresponsible for more than one department. However, as the company keep growing, itbecome problematic for a management staff to handle multiple segment of the business.In LDTD case, because Dickson is handle multiple aspects of the business, all recruitmentis done only if needed and is usually rush the process. The result of rushing recruitmentprocess is that the company could not recruit enough skilled workers. Another recruitmentproblem as describe in the case study is that LDTD lack of methods to advertise theiropening position and the job information. Traditional recruitment methods use by LDTD,such as newspaper advertisement and word of

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