Case Study : Laboratory And Fieldwork Safety

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BH077 - Bachelor of Engineering
(Civil & Infrastructure) (Honors)

Q1). Consultation is a legal requirement and an essential part of managing health and safety risks. Employers are required to consult employees and their health and safety representatives about health and safety matters that could directly affect them. Circumstances and situation when an employer is required to consult with an employee are outlined in Section 35 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (VIC), they include:
• Identifying and assessing hazards or risks to the health and safety at a workplace;
• Making decisions about the measures to be taken to control risks to health and safety at a workplace;
• Making decisions regarding the adequacy of the facilities for the welfare of employees;
• Making decisions regarding the procedure for resolving health and safety issues at the work place, consulting with employees, monitoring the health of the employees and employer and providing any information and training to employees;
• Determining the membership of any health and safety committee and;
• Proposing changes that may affect the health and safety of the employees including changes to the equipment or substances used or how work is done.

Q2). An employer/PCBU is required to consult with all…
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