Case Study : ' Large Cafe Latte '

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“Large café latte?” the barista at Lake Avalon Coffee shop called out in a cheerful voice. Percival tripped on the way to retrieve his drink, but stopped his fall by bracing his hands against the counter. “That’s mine. Thanks.” The barista looked concerned. “Are you all right, sir?” “Great.” Percival flashed a shaky grin. “Just great.” He dropped a dollar into the tip jar and scrambled back to his seat, a table for two tucked away in the corner but with a clear view of the front door. He took a sip of his latte and scowled. The flavor wasn’t the problem – the coffee here was the best in Lake Avalon – it was his damn nerves. And why had he ordered a drink with so much caffeine? A water would have been a safer choice, preferably one laced with a strong anti-anxiety drug. But no, he sipped a drink that would infuse his bloodstream with a stimulant he didn’t need, and he’d probably have a heart attack. He pictured the headline of his obituary: Percival King, Dead of a Heart Attack at Age Twenty-Two. He Should Have Stuck with Decaf. Fine, he wasn’t having an actual medical emergency, but the way his heart hammered away in his chest and the fact his undershirt was drenched with sweat made it difficult to tell the difference. And why had he worn this stupid navy blue sweater? It was too tight, too hot, and he felt like tearing the thing off like the Incredible Hulk and running out of the place like a maniac. But doing so would draw lots of attention from the other dozen or

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