Case Study : Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company

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Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, located in Kiln, MS, is the first microbrewery in the state and specializes in manufacturing and distributing beers with distinct southern flavors. The brewing company, established in 2003, has found success within its home state and also within restaurants and retailers situated in eighteen more states including the surrounding southern states and states as far north as New York and Illinois according to its website, The following SWOT analysis will evaluate the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the external opportunities and threats experienced within the market and business environment. As previously stated, one of the greatest strengths of the Lazy Magnolia…show more content…
Using ground pecans in place of grains in the brewing process certainly sets Lazy Magnolia products apart from other available beers. Lazy Magnolia maintains a strong presence in the local community. Viewing the event calendar on the brewery’s website shows that it hosts events on its premises and attends festivals across the region. Doing so not only helps with brand recognition, it also fortifies existing relationships between consumers and distributors and lures potential clients. The company’s intent is not solely to get and maintain new customers. Recently, Lazy Magnolia participated in a business networking event held by the University of Southern Mississippi with the goal of attracting prospective employees as well as offering advice to future graduates. A visit to the brewery site or even a quick search on Google Maps shows a developing problem for Lazy Magnolia. The facility currently rests in an area that does not allow for much expansion. Though the company did add 1700 square feet to the existing structure in 2013, another increase in size is not possible at the current location (Lazy Magnolia, 2015). Lazy Magnolia owners would have to look at off-site storage options or would need to consider investing in an entirely new location where building growth could keep up with the increase in demand. The process of successfully crafting microwbrews requires a specialized workforce. The term specialized in this

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