Case Study: Leading Organisational Change: Improving Hospital Performance

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MSc in Health Care Management 2011 Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin. Module 1 Student ID: 11110201 Date: 14.11.2011 Word Count: 2990 Managing People and Organisations Assignment: Case Study: Leading Organisational Change: Improving Hospital Performance • Critically discuss the sources of resistance encountered by Tracey Burns and her team? Support your discussion with evidence-based literature. • Explore the approaches they used to manage the resistance and critically evaluate the effectiveness of those approaches, drawing on your learning from the module and key literature sources. 2 CONTENTS Topic Page No. Introduction 4 Resistance to change 5 Need for change…show more content…
General aim of organizational change is an adaptation to the environment (Barr, Stimpert and Huff, 1992; Child and Smith, 1987; Leana and Barry, 2000) or an improvement in performance (Boeker, 1997; Keck and Tushman, 1993). On one hand, resistance is a phenomenon that affects the change process, delaying or slowing down its beginning, obstructing or hindering its implementation, and increasing its costs (Ansoff, 1990). On the other hand, resistance is any conduct that tries to keep the status quo, i.e., resistance is equivalent to inertia, as the persistence to avoid change (Maurer, 1996; Rumelt, 1995; Zaltman and Duncan, 1977). So, inertia and thus resistance are not negative concepts in general, since change is not inherently beneficial for organizations. Even more, resistance could show change agents certain aspects that are not properly considered in the change process (Waddell and Sohal, 1998). NEED FOR CHANGE Change starts with the perception of its need, so a wrong initial perception can be the first barrier to change. In March 2003, the main causes for the worsening performance of the King Edgar Hospitals Trust were found to be • Increased trolley waits in A&E • Bottlenecks in the medical admission wards • High admission rates • Patients placed in wrong wards • Increased
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