Case Study : Leading The Starbucks Way

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Leading the Starbucks Way, Michelli talks about the five foundational principles that have guided Starbucks leaders during continuous times of growth, economic downturn, recovery, transformation and how to create maintainable success. The organization’s core values are their coffee, employees, customers, stores, and neighborhoods in which they operate. Throughout the book you learned how Starbucks built its brand from nurturing human connections, maintaining worker and customer trust along with loyalty and passion, and how they expand by constantly creating new products. He also tells how Starbucks overcame challenges of the recession increasing a huge amount in profitability without straying away from core values and mission. This book connected great with organizational communication due to the fact he talked about how the organization operates. I was able to see many different concepts we learned in class this semester as is in their leadership styles of management, what approach they use to manage the business, and a couple of the theories of organizational communication that the company relies heavily on. With that being said I was able to pull from this book that Starbuck Company follows the transformational leadership style, they work under the human relations approach, and that they rely on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Country Club management. The first communication connection I noticed in this book is that they use the human relations approach for management. I
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