Case Study : Lesson 9 Exercise 1

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Lesson 9 exercise 1: The information that should be obtained from the patient at the time of scheduling the appointment is the reason for the visit, name, DOB, phone number, and insurance information. It is important for the medical assistant to verify whether the office is a preferred provider with the patient’s insurance at the time the appointment is scheduled to alleviate any confusion or misunderstanding, and so the patient can make the choice to find another provider that accepts their insurance. The policy states that if a patient has a copay or any other payment that needs to be made then he/she should do so at the time of their visit. This is usually done at the end of the visit encase the doctor orders any tests or lab work that might cost the patient more money. Patient’s should be informed of all or any charges and given an estimated cost. Kristin was correct in stating that Mountain View Clinic was not a participating provider for Shaunti’s insurance plan. This was the family was aware of needing to pay for the visit and with the estimate that Kristin offered they had an idea of how much the appointment was going to cost prior to seeing the doctor. The medical assistant should have advised Shaunti’s mother to call back with the insurance information and/or gave her a list of what insurance companies Mountain View Clinic accepted. This would have alleviated the confusion during Shaunti’s check in with Kristin and would have allowed the parents to find a
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