Case Study: Let The Students Buy Coffee

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Won Jun Ryu Mr. Stovall English 10 9 September 2014 Let the Students Buy Coffee
The first discovery of the specialities of coffee was interestingly through goats. An ancient legend has it that a goatherd from Ethiopia observed his goats dancing uncontrollably after eating coffee berries. The goats also later refused to sleep at night. After discovering the capabilities the coffee berries had, it was quickly made into a drink which kept the abbots awake through the long hours of evening prayer. This drink due to its stunning effects was able to swiftly spread to the other corners of the world and became a massive popularity. In fact to this day coffee is still one of the most popular beverages in the world, helping millions of people through those tough Monday mornings.
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Due to the fact that coffee contains a fairly safe substance named caffeine which enhances the performance of the students, also, expanding the school’s coffee market to students will have financial boosts for the school and lastly, the health factors of coffee will improve the medical conditions of the pupils. For the purpose of the academic results and avoiding the health regarding issues, I would strongly recommend drinking coffee on a regular daily basis. Additionally, it would also be beneficial to convince the schools to rethink about their coffee policies and guide them to allow the sales of coffee to students as it would create an easy access for this useful

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