Case Study : Lincoln Electric Company

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The purpose of this paper is to talk about Lincoln Electric Company. The first point of the paper is to look at the continuing influence of the founders of the company. The second point is to look at the golden rule, the incentive management plan, the performance appraisal system, the way people communicate in the company, the merit pay plan, the bonus plan, and the management style. By analyzing these features the end result will be that there is an understanding of the culture of the company. Lincoln Electric Company is a company who makes electric arc welders. These welders are known worldwide by a lot of businesses who use them, they are the leader in welders and welding supplies. In 1906, John C. Lincoln started the company. Later on his brother, James came on and became the General Manager for the company as John had moved on to other business ventures. First, the continuing influences of the founders are strong to this day even after the death of the founder of the company. The leader assumption belief had a major influence on the company that employees worried they would lose their job and bonuses at the end of the year. According to the article, the original founder preferred being an engineer and an inventor rather than a manager. This innovative concept allowed for the company to sustain because the company as a whole is always changing and adapting. Additionally, what saved this company was employees having the ability to elect
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