Case Study Lincoln Hospital Third Party Intervention

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Case Study: Lincoln Hospital Third Party Interventions:
1: According to my point of view if firm select me as an OD consultant than I first take interview of the main head and ask different questions about the problem that they face, who is responsible for these challenges, when he see that anything is going wrong within the business, anything else that is not correct like you have all essential apparatus, competent staff have or not, and ask which kind of recommendations they want to solve problem, and which method they want to use for execution of resolutions. When I take all the necessary information from the management than we make a proper proposal what we do, how to make the decision to resolve issues. In the contracting process, I explain all the opportunities that we have firm provide me like I have access to the workforce for
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I know well that their many other things that become the cause of issue like shortage of experienced nurses, necessary equipment is not available at the time of need, but the main point that creates a bad setting and diminishes the productivity of the firm is bad attitudes of department heads. To resolution such issue we take ask from the top-level management that who is accountable, then talk with both person and ask them to give three positive, bugs, and empathy statement about each other, after this whole process the good statement share with Mary and Don due to these points they feel to give respect to others feelings, because those executives are backbone of the company, then after their coordination we give recommendation like establishing comfortable environment, develop new process, and develop character model for the whole
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