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Running head: LOGOTHERAPY Case Study of Logotherapy Dee, is a 34 year-old, single, white female, who lives in the Midwest. She works as a group home supervisor for head-injured adults. She has recently lost her father (please be specific – I am assuming her father died), ended a domestic relationship (did she end it, the partner or was it a mutual decision?), and has taken a leave of absence in order to "get herself together" after experiencing conflicts at her job. Dee initially comes to therapy as a requirement of getting her request for a three- month family leave of absence approved. Dee says that she is experiencing hopelessness, outbursts of anger and frustration over what she describes as "little things, like other people…show more content…
112). Dee continues, "I just like to remember and someday, when I'm old, I'll still be saving these books for a rainy day." The therapist identifies the journals as both a "major immortality project" (May & Yalom, 2005, p.281) and a way in which Dee both functionally enjoys and irrationally stunts her growth. However, the therapist uses this as a transition to the future, by asking, "What do you want your life to be like when you're that ‘old lady'?" The therapist shares that she finds this interesting about Dee. The therapist adds, "There have definitely been some times in my life when I wish I was as wise as when I was younger and was more innocent and free." Dee says, "Yes, I think it's good to get back to the days when things weren't so complicated. I thought that I knew what I wanted then." The therapist asks Dee, "Do you know what you want in life now?" Dee says, "Actually, I sometimes think that I could be a writer, like for teen magazines or something. I don't always think that I write all the time and save all of these pictures for old age. I think that a lot of what I've gone through would help people." "So, you want to help people?" asks the therapist. "Yes," Dee answers, "I think that's important." In addition to

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