Case Study: Long-Term Care

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How does one decide where to put a loved one, once they realize that they cannot provide care anymore? For anyone, deciding to put their loved one or themselves into a long-term care facility, it can be difficult and resources can be hard to understand. In March of 2016, I personally went to three nursing homes in Northwest Ohio region. These nursing homes were; Concord Care Center of Toledo, Swan Creek Care Center and Lakes of Monclova Health Campus. Two of these nursing homes; Concord Care Center of Toledo and Swan Creek Care Center were in urban settings while Lakes of Monclova Health Campus was in a rural setting. All three of these facilities welcomed me, were happy to answer my questions and provided me with residents to interview as well.…show more content…
After touring and seeing what the facilities were like in person, the five-star rating program and the customer satisfaction results made sense. However, what the five-star system failed to report is what type of patient the facility is mostly caring for, and while there is data from these reports it is hard to tell why the numbers are the way they are, without visiting the facilities. Thus, by discussing the overall appearance of the facility, and then comparing it to the five –star rating system provided by the state of Ohio, a betting understanding of these facilities will occur. This paper will focus on the importance of visiting nursing homes, and how the physical facility correlates to their online presence and five-star score. Furthermore, also addressing the everyday struggles that the administrative faces, due to the government and trying to find new ways to attract
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