Case Study : Looking At Lamanda, A Young, Confused And Troubled Woman

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Grime 1
Carys Grime
Professor Faber
General Psychology
April 21, 2015
Theory Paper Looking at Lamanda, a young, confused and troubled woman, one may find many issues that are present in her life. The psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, biological, and sociocultural perspectives of psychology each have different concepts within them that can be used to define and find the root of these issues. By looking deeper into Lamanda’s life, and applying these concepts and perspectives, a researcher can help her deduce what is causing her these problems, and understand Lamanda’s complex situation.
When viewing Lamanda through Freud’s perspective, one may find that fixation is playing a role in the issues she exhibits. Fixation results when part of a person’s personality is stuck at an earlier stage of development, because they were either over or under indulged at that stage. If this occurs, the individual will seek pleasure through that defined erogenous zone (Faber, Personality 3). In Lamanda’s case, she lacked progress in the phallic stage. During this stage, females may reject their mothers, and with that idea comes the assumption that Lamanda’s distant relationship with her mother is due to her rejecting her mother’s ethnicity. She admits to attempting to conceal her African American heritage, and has a tendency to take her “big problems” to her father, possibly because she subconsciously blames

Grime 2 one of her biggest problems, her race, on her
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