Case Study: Luhrs City Center

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Allied Universal
Post Orders
Luhrs City Center
11 West Jefferson St. Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Mission statement:
Our duty as Security Officers is to provide exceptional customer service, this includes conducting routine patrols, greeting everyone with a smile, providing directions, and treating every individual you encounter with dignity and respect.
Client Summary:
Luhrs City Center has much to offer within an unrivaled, iconic, historically modern city block in the core of Downtown Phoenix. Established in (1924), the 10-story neoclassical Luhrs Buildings and the 14-story Art Deco Luhrs Tower (1929) have been artfully restored thanks to a decade-long revitalization between Central and 1st Avenue & Jefferson and Madison
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Code of conduct/ethics:
Every Security Officer on duty needs to ensure that they conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. There is zero tolerance for negative interactions with Luhrs City Center employees and/or visitors. Furthermore, thief and/or vandalism of any Luhrs City Center property are grounds for immediate termination regarding Allied Universal employment and possible criminal charges as well.
Specific post assignments:
At the beginning of a new shift, the Security Officer on duty is required to have all work related tools and devices within their possession and that the Security Officer maintains accountability of those tools and devices while on duty. Likewise, the Security Officer on duty should also keep a log of all the activity that occurs during their shift such as DARs (Daily Activity Reports), Incident Reports, etc...
The areas of coverage pertaining to the Security Officer on duty include building 11, 45, and the parking garage located at the South-West side of 1st
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If a situation occurs that requires the assistance of Law Enforcement Officers, the Security Officer on duty should contact the Emergency Police (911) or Non-Emergency Police (602) 262-6151 accordingly. For instance, an Emergency situation would be a violent physical altercation between two or more parties, and a Non-Emergency situation would be an individual trespassing on the property and refusing to leave when asked.
The Security Officer on duty should always remember that it is their job to observe and report all activity which occurs during their shift, and not to carry out actions that could reflect a negative image on the client, company, or on the Security Officer themselves.

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