Case Study : ' Lupe '

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Case Study Journal Thirteen Lupe is 45 year old Mexican Americans woman, and she has two adult children, which are both adults. Lupe has a mother in her late 60s, and the mother expects Lupe to visit her. Lupe has started attending numerous church social function in hopes she might meet someone; furthermore, she does not want to end up like her mother, alone. Her husband left and never helped support his children 16 years ago, and they were never married. Lupe’s daughter, Lucia, moved in with her own daughter named Eva, and Lucia left her boyfriend due to the same financial problems. It appears history is repeating itself again with her daughter; consequently, Lupe was injured on the job, and she needs physical therapy. Lupe appeared depressed refers, and her doctor referred her to a counselor. Lupe has an enormous amount of problems, and it is no wonder she is suffering from depression. Lupe is going through nonnormative changes; furthermore, these are curves life throws at individuals. First of all, her daughter has come back with a granddaughter, and this will be a source of further needed resources, and Lupe will probably have the additional burden of taking on the primary care of her mother. The latest setback for Lupe is she has an accident at work, and she will need therapy. Lupe’s cheerful demeanor is gone, and it replaced by depression. According to Broderick and Blewitt, (2014), just as history-graded fluctuations can suggestively affect the progress of a whole
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